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Jager HI, Hargrove W.W, Brandt CC, King A.W, Olson R.J, Scurlock J.MO, Rose K.A.  2000.  Constructive Contrasts between Modeled and Measured Climate Responses over a Regional Scale. 3(4):396-411.
West TO, Brandt CC, Baskaran LM, Hellwinckel CM, Mueller R, Bernacchi CJ, Bandaru V, Yang B, Wilson BS, Marland G et al..  2010.  Cropland carbon fluxes in the United States: increasing geospatial resolution of inventory-based carbon accounting. Ecological Applications. 20:1074-1086.
Jager HI, Baskaran LM, Brandt CC, Davis EB, Gunderson C.A, Wullschleger S..  2010.  Empirical geographic modeling of switchgrass yields in the United States. GCB Bioenergy. 2:248–257.
Brown S.D, Wall J.D, Kucken A.M, Gilmour C.C, Podar M., Brandt CC, Teshima H., Detter J.C, Han C.S, Land M.L et al..  2011.  Genome Sequence of the Mercury-Methylating and Pleomorphic Desulfovibrio africanus Strain Walvis Bay. Journal of Bacteriology. 193(15):4037-4038.
Brown S.D, Gilmour C.C, Kucken A.M, Wall J.D, Elias D.A, Brandt CC, Podar M., Chertkov O., Held B., Bruce D.C et al..  2011.  Genome Sequence of the Mercury-Methylating Strain Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132. Journal of Bacteriology. 193(8):2078-2079.
Kang S, Nair SSurendran, Kline KL, Nichols JA, Wang D, Post WM, Brandt CC, Wullschleger SD, Singh N, Wei Y.  2014.  Global simulation of bioenergy crop productivity: analytical framework and case study for switchgrass. GCB Bioenergy. 6(1):14-25.
Christensen SW, Brandt CC, McCracken MK.  2011.  Importance of Data Management in a Long-Term Biological Monitoring Program. Environmental Management. 47(6):1112-1124.
Vishnivetskaya T.A, Mosher J.J, Palumbo A.V, Yang Z.K, Podar M., Brown S.D, Brooks S.C, Gu B., Southworth G.R, Drake M.M et al..  2011.  Mercury and Other Heavy Metals Influence Bacterial Community Structure in Contaminated Tennessee Streams. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 77(1):302-311.
Mayes MA, Heal KR, Brandt CC, Phillips JR, Jardine PM.  2012.  Relation between Soil Order and Sorption of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Temperate Subsoils. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 76(3):1027.