Xiaoying Shi

Xiaoying Shi

Xiaoying Shi is a scientist for the Environmental Sciences Division at ORNL. Shi is an atmospheric scientist with training in atmospheric sciences during the periods of her BS, MS and PhD degrees’ study. Since joining ORNL in 2009, her research is focused on coupling Integrated Model to Assess the Global Environment (IMAGE and GCAM) to Community Earth System Model (CESM1.0) to study on the global climatic changes and feedbacks by the introduction of human dimension in the complex earth system (iESM project). She is also involved in the development of nutrient limitation on carbon uptake in land ecosystems (C-Climate project), and interested in CESM1 and CLM model applications (SFA project).

Shi received her doctorate in atmospheric sciences from Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007, and became an assistant researcher staff member at State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, where she worked on regional climate change.  In 2008, she moved to CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, where she calibrated Yingping Wang’s terrestrial biogeochemical model CASACNP (including carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles) and coupled it to Common land model, CoLM. She also worked with Dr Eva Kowalcayk on coupling CALBE (community atmosphere biosphere land exchange model of Australia) to ACCESS (The Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator).