Fengming Yuan

Research Scientist

Fengming Yuan is a research scientist  in the Environmental Sciences Division and the Climate Change Science Institute at ORNL. His background is in field experiments (soil sciences) and biogeochemical modeling in terrestrial ecosystems. His research interests include modeling and experimental studies of water, carbon and nitrogen cycling in agricultural, forest and other terrestrial ecosystems, at various scales.

Yuan earned his BS in Soil Sciences and Plant Nutrition from the Central-China Agricultural University (Wuhan, China), MS in Soil Sciences from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and PhD in Soil Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2003). Before joining ORNL in 2011. Yuan was at the University of Alaska Fairbanks conducting research on fire disturbances on boreal forest carbon stock dynamics using the Terrestrial Ecological Model (TEM). He has also worked on DAYCENT and HYDRUS applications for the Southern California natural ecosystems under atmospheric nitrogen depositions, and on development and application of the Carbon and Nitrogen coupled Canadian Land Surface Scheme (CN-CLASS) for FLUXNET-Canada. Yuan’s dissertation study was about simulation on crop growth and its nitrogen requirements. Before coming to North America, he was a soil scientist in China working in the National Long-term Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Efficiency Network.