Valentine Anantharaj

Scientist, National Center for Computational Sciences

Valentine Anantharaj is a Computational Climate Scientist with the Scientific Computing Group in the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). Prior to joining ORNL, he was an Associate Research Professor at the Geosystems Research Institute (GRI) as well as Adjunct Faculty with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Mississippi State University. He holds a PhD in Computational Engineering, an MS in Meteorology, and BS in Physics. Valentine was a NASA Enterprise for Innovating Geospatial Solutions Graduate Fellow for two years during his graduate studies. Prior to his tenure at GRI, he started his scientific career as an Associate Scientist at the former Institute for Naval Oceanography, managed by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Valentine has broad professional experience in the areas of scientific data management, software engineering and applications development for operational implementation, decision support frameworks, integration of remote sensing data in numerical models, satellite precipitation estimation, and regional climate modeling. His recent research interests include land surface hydrology, land-atmosphere interactions, and characterization of uncertainties in global climate models, particularly shortwave radiation. Valentine’s focus is on advancing the leadership scale climate modeling activities at NCCS as well as the core competencies within CCSI.