Thomas A. Boden

Scientist and Team Leader, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Ctr
Thomas A. Boden

Thomas A. Boden has been a staff member at ORNL since 1986 and presently serves as science team leader of the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC), DOE’s primary climate change data and information clearinghouse since 1982. CDIAC is a member of the International Council for Science World Data Center (WDC) System, and Boden serves as the Director of the WDC for Atmospheric Trace Gases.

Boden graduated cum laude with a BS in zoology from Ohio University in 1982. He went on to obtain an ME in applied ecology from the Institute of Environmental Sciences at Miami University in Ohio in 1985.

 Boden also serves as the data manager for the AmeriFlux network, a collection of instrumented towers located in terrestrial ecosystems of Central, North, and South America making continuous measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2 ), water, and radiation fluxes via eddy covariance techniques and companion meteorological measurements. Other annual research activities involve producing time series of global, regional, and national CO2 emission estimates from fossil-fuel use and cement production.