Oluwaseun O. Ogunro

Visiting Scientist

Oluwaseun (Olu) Ogunro received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and later moved to New Mexico Tech, NM for his PhD in Chemistry, where he specializes in development and analysis of global marine biogeochemistry in climate models. He completed his PhD degree in 2016 after defending his dissertation titled: Marine Biogeochemistry Feedbacks for Earth System Modeling. His research cuts across both marine and sea ice biogeochemistry. Some of his works have focused on quantifying oceanic concentrations and bubble film surface coverages for several classes of organic compound. He has also worked on quantifying the contribution of sea ice biogeochemistry, especially light absorption by biological pigments, such as chlorophyll, on diminishing Arctic sea ice extent.

Olu joined CCSI in Oct 2016 as a visiting scientist contributing to the ongoing effort to understand biogeochemical feedbacks and benchmarking in climate models.



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