Nathan Collier

Research Staff, Computational Earth Sciences Group
Nathan Collier

Nathan received his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of South Florida in 2009 where he focused in novel discretization choices for the finite element method. He then spent four years in Saudi Arabia at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a post-doc in the Applied Mathematics and Earth Science departments and as a staff scientist in the Center for Numerical Porous Media (NumPor). His work centered around finite element discretization choices and quantifying relative solve and assembly costs between methods. While mostly focused on numerical and computational challenges, Nathan has worked in the areas of nonlinear solid and fluid mechanics as well as phase field approaches to solidification and crystal formation. Nathan joined the Climate Change Science Institute in the fall of 2014 and contributes to the understanding of modeling challenges at climate scales and to the development of a software framework for benchmarking of climate models.