Guangsheng Chen

Operations and Business Manager
Guangsheng Chen

Guangsheng Chen joined the Environmental Sciences Division at ORNL and the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) in 2013. His educational training is in forest and forest ecology. He is now working on the DOE Early Career Award project to assess and predict the par-Arctic scale permafrost carbon feedback to global change using a model-data fusion approach.

Chen received his PhD in Forest Ecology from Auburn University in 2010. His PhD research was to simulate the effects of environmental changes and land disturbance & management on carbon, water, and greenhouse gas fluxes in the southern United States based on a process-based biogeochemical model (Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model, DLEM).

His primary research interests are to investigate the effects of multiple environmental factors (e.g., climate, land use change, atmospheric CO2 concentration, and nitrogen deposition), intensive land management (e.g., harvesting, prescribed fire, site preparation, fertilization, and irrigation), as well as natural disturbances (e.g., extreme climate events, hurricane & storm, wildfire, and insects & diseases) on carbon (gross/net primary productivity, CO2 fluxes, carbon stock, CH4 fluxes, etc.), water (evapotranspiration, runoff, soil moisture, etc.), and nitrogen (nitrogen transformation, N2O fluxes, etc.) cycles in the terrestrial ecosystems.