Anirban Guha

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Environmental Sciences Division

Anirban Guha is a part of ORNL’s Integrative Ecosystem Science group and investigates tree species responses to environmental change. His research interests include how the ecophysiology of tropical and temperate trees is impacted by changes in the environment. His main area of interest lies in photosynthesis and water relations with core expertise in leaf functionality and stem wood traits.

Guha has been working on photosynthesis, transpiration, chlorophyll fluorescence and plant hydraulic characteristics in higher plants including trees, horticultural plants as well as different monocot models. Guha was previously employed as a postdoctoral researcher at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune where his research addressed drought tolerance and water use strategies in tropical tree species representing a gradient in leafing phenology. Prior to this postdoctoral position, he investigated leaf gas exchange physiology and different hydraulic traits in diverse tropical tree species at University of Hyderabad (where he obtained his PhD in Plant Sciences) at a hot semi-arid steppe zone of India.

Guha is currently involved in ORNL’s LDRD project on ‘Tree Ecophysiology under Extreme Climate Events’. The project studies the impacts of extreme events (heat and drought) on tree seedlings and saplings using growth chambers, neutron imaging and various ecophysiological techniques, including fluorescence, isotopes, gas exchange, water relations, biochemistry, morphology and phenology.


Curriculum Vitae: