CCSI Seminar - The Nexus of Climate Modeling and Advanced Computing and Mathematices

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 1:00pm

Kate Evans, Group Leader for the Computational Earth Sciences group in CSED and a member of the Climate Change Science Institute,  will present  “Summary and Discussion about recent joint DOE BER/ASCR workshops covering the nexus of climate modeling and advanced computing and mathematics”.

This talk stems from a workshop on “Advancing Cross-Cutting Ideas for Computational Climate Science” (known as AXICCS) that was held in September 2016.  The goal was to move beyond the next experiment and model update, think more deeply about what models should do in the next decade, and strategize on how best to engage computer scientists and mathematicians to help get there.

Kate will summarize the broad range of issues presented at the workshop and potential future opportunities for Earth systems models. 

Date and location for this talk  are Wednesday, April 12, 1:00pm, building 4500N, Room F119.

A final report (available here) summarizing the outcomes of the workshop was issued this past March. Background on the workshop is available here